Tool (Etymology): “instrument, implement used by a craftsman; to manage skillfully; prepare; make ready; cultivate”

Below is a brief list of some tools and people that have helped me along the way. The only kickback I get from sharing these sources is the true joy of being touched and shaped in meaningful ways by their work. I am very thankful for the work and offerings of these creators.

Public Library of Helpful Tools for Growth & Wisdom:

The Stoa (A kind of modern day Library of Alexandria. An endless supply of resources and insight candy)

The Emerald Podcast

For the Wild Podcast

Huberman Lab Podcast

Waking Up App

Grief Work & Healing:

Martín Prechtel’s work. Grief specific: “The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise.” “Rescuing the Light” is also full of short contemplative treasures.

Stephen Jenkinson

Francis Weller’s work (many podcast conversations with him). Book: “The Wild Edges of Sorrow.”


*A short list, but all these individuals have deeply shaped the way I see the world. Many conversations, books, and interviews with these thinkers available on the web:

Building Social Skills/Authentic Relating:

Austin Circling Studio

The Circling Institute

Social Alchemy

Habit Formation:

Atomic Habits

Sleep Issues:

Matthew Walker

Psycho-Education, Dreams, & In-Depth Inner Work:

This Jungian Life Podcast

Bayo Akomolafe

Night Club Podcast

Ritual, Rites of Passage, Ceremony:

The School of Lost Borders

Rebecca Fox

General Self Care:

Create Art. Dance. Move the Body in playful and creative ways that engage the senses.

Gaze wide-eyed at the horizon for 6 minutes

Volunteer. Give Someone a Gift. Engage in an act of kindness for a loved one or stranger. Get in touch with the world in a loving way, as an act of connecting to something bigger than yourself.

Sing, hum, yell, play music, speak aloud poetry; make your words are eloquent as possible. Vibrate out whatever is being felt within

Connect with Nature. Go for a walk. Garden. Listen and talk to the natural world. Get near water. Think Little. Read This.

Be seen or give someone the gift of being seen: Vibetraits.

Sound Healing (Austin area)

Eat well. Food as medicine for well being.

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