Welcome to a journey of home-making.

This work of home-making is your love letter to existence, creation, and imagination. A process of inheriting foundations, tearing down walls, rewiring electrical circuits, and creating holes to adorn that which inspires, soothes, and aches the imagination. We are an artistic act of collaboration, finding our way through the labor of home-making. You have stumbled, scratched, clawed, run while holding your breath–trampling over the flowers beneath–in a desperate longing to find a place of refuge. This love letter, breathed to life through the unique constellation of perceptual and sensory intelligences of your Body, is a living promise to remember where you have come from and where your future self stands: tending to the fire and beckoning you along with a benevolent and mischievous grin. A love letter in remembrance that home is not a noun but a verb. Home is a constant beat and rhythm of change that is drummed by the world and danced by the untamable movement of our soles. Listen. You are home. Welcome.

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Psychology (Etymology): “the study of the soul,” Latinized form of Greek psykhē “breath, spirit, soul” + logia “study of.”

Importance of Fit:

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” –Carl Jung

Relationality and fit is critical to the process (arguably, the relationship is the transformative process) and is difficult to determine through bullet-points on a resume. A good fit can land like a feeling of déjà vu or serendipity in meeting someone for the first time–a kind of mysterious recognition happens. Of course, this kind of recognition isn’t necessary in all situations–some relationships grow in a beautifully slow, distanced, and gradual manner. However, without a sense of being recognized (etymology: “to know other again, recall or recover the knowledge of, perceive an identity with something formerly known or felt”), the potential of getting to know yourself more intimately will likely be stifled. It is important to exercise your own agency and judgment when it comes to choosing a therapist–I encourage you to not settle for mediocrity when it comes to caring for this life. Who knows if we get another shot.

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